How Can We Help You?

We want to give you a break for an hour! We want your children to enjoy an interactive social time with other children from the safety of your own home with excellent babysitters to guide their time together. Choose from a one-to-one package which gives your child or children that individual attention or choose the group package for a social time with their friends.

PLEASE NOTE: While we endeavour to keep your children engaged for the hour of babysitting online, we cannot be responsible for their physical safety during this time.


A one-to-one call allows the babysitter to focus solely on your child or children. The activities are the same but they get sole attention.


If your children are craving some time with other children, a group call is ideal. This will be with their friends!


We'll be doing simple crafts with printables sent ahead of time so that you're prepared. You'll also get a list of what you need (it will be very basic - don't worry!).


We have so many fun games that can be played online! Printables are provided for everything so the games are fully interactive and will keep your child engaged.

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