About Us

Who We Are

Babysitting Online is a part of LittleSitters. LittleSitters.ie has a directory of experienced sitters that have been interviewed and reference checked. All of these sitters are available to ‘babysit’ your children online.

Our Mission

To create an interactive, personalised and social environment for kids online, to assist parents during this season of restrictions. 

What We Do

We will schedule a time for your child/children (this can be one-to-one or in a group with other children) and we will send you printables ahead of time so they’re all prepared for their call. Each call lasts for one hour and is packed full of interactive activities.

About The Team

All of the sitters that will be ‘babysitting’ your children online have been interviewed and reference checked through LittleSitters.ie and have worked with children in varying capacities. All calls will be conducted through Zoom which is encrypted end-to end so it is a safe environment. The call will also be recorded and kept for 48 hours if you wish to see anything back.

Our Team


Babysitting Online is a new way of giving parents a break during COVID-19 restrictions when they can’t get a sitter into the house. A babysitter will engage your kids online for one hour with games, crafts, quizzes etc.

All of the babysitters are members of LittleSitters.ie so you can view their profile on that site. They are experienced in childcare and have been interviewed and reference checked.

Once you’ve booked your child in online, make sure you have Zoom available for the scheduled time. We will send you printable documents if they’re needed for your call. Some cutting out may be required beforehand but you’ll know in plenty of time. 

We will do our best to ensure that your kids are engaged and enjoy the experience. However, the price of the call is non-refundable if your children don’t want to stay for the full hour. 

All of our sitters have been interviewed and reference checked. We will be using Zoom which means the calls are encrypted end-to-end and we’ll also be recording them and keeping the recording for 48 hours should you have any issues.

Babysitting Online was set up Claire Afolabi, owner of LittleSitters.ie.